Home Automation

What does home automation mean?

Home automation means being able to control your devices with voice command, a remote, or simply by your mobile to make the devices more accessible. It is done to elevate your home and bring a sense of luxury and comfort. You can even choose from the various smart home designs and personalize your space with the colors and aesthetics of your choice.  All these devices are further managed by WIFI, ZEEWAVE, ZIGBEE and BLUETOOTH. All the devices are automated and connected to make our lives convenient.




● Comfort and luxury

Transforming your home and using home automation. Home automation devices not only save you time but also provide you with a lavish lifestyle. It takes care of all your needs whether it is turning on your AC, light or customizing settings on devices like refrigerator or oven.

● Security system

A smart home also includes home which has smart cameras and motion sensors. Who doesn’t want to have a stress free vacation and be assured that their home is safe? You get to monitor your home and get real-time alerts.

● Energy efficient

The home automation allows you to use all your devices more efficiently. When you get to control all your devices with a single click or a voice command i.e. they are easy to access you can turn them off no matter where you are. You come back to your room and remember you didn’t turn off the lights you don’t have to go back to your kitchen to turn them off; you can do that being in your bedroom by simply clicking a button or giving a command.

● HVAC control

Home automation system also includes HVAC control refers to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. With HVAC control you get to control all devices even when you are not at home and hence save energy. Say you forget to turn off your AC or thermostat, with HAVC control you can turn it off from anywhere with just one click on your mobile.

● Curtain control

How many times do we wish we woke up with sunlight falling on our faces? With smart curtain control you can get up and open the curtains with just le tap on your phone and your morning is instantly more refreshing.

● Smart door locks

With smart door locks you get to protect your home from potential intruders. Home automation setup can be done with help of various home automation companies .With this you get to protect your home even when you are not physically present there. Nobody can enter your home without your permission.

● Voice control system

Many devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant or apple Siri are voice assistants who help you navigate through your devices and help control them. Giving command through voice is one of the most convenient features of a smart home.


You can get home automation systems installed with the help of home automation companies like professional audio video solutions in Chandigarh. Getting your systems installed is a crucial process in making your home a smart home. We have 25 years of experience and guide our customers throughout to give them a stress free experience and detailed guidance.

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