Smart Home

Want to have control, schedule and monitor your home right form the main gate to the last camera installed in you back yards… Give us a call.

Whether you are at your home, office or on vacation our Smart home design shall give you alerts on your smart phone about what’s happening in and around your home…

All types of Home Automation devices are available with us. Some of our examples of home automation set up and designs are.

  • Your room lights come on and fade moment you enter or leave the room
  • Changing programs and colours of your room Led lights with smart phone
  • Your favourite music or television programs follow your movement in your house.
  • Having controls of your entertainment system on your smart phone
  • Opening your room curtains thru your smart phone
  • Opening the main gate with a touch button on your smart phone
  • Security camera’s tracking exteriors of you home.
  • Having an alert on your phone for any unwanted motions around your house.

Applications and usages are endless…

While designing your home automation set up our primary focus is on your convenience and balancing the complexity of the smart home devices.

Get your office designed by our experts and brand wagons