Hotels & Restaurants

Though the background music system for hotels and resorts looks very simple but sometimes it could be very complex because there could be lot of variants available to choose from. Compliment your upcoming hotels, resorts or restaurants with the perfect audio system designs from team Professional Audio Video Solutions. We create a music that fills the environment where ever you go right from the parking area, outdoor lawns, entrance lobby, cafeterias, room corridors, banquets, restaurants, bars, gyms, swimming pools, conference rooms or even wash rooms. Back Ground Music system in your hotels or resorts.

  • Covers the background distortions.
  • Creates an ambience liked by humans.
  • Enhances your customer’s experience.

We also craft an easy-to-use and manage a digital back ground music system for your multiple zones as different areas in your property have different moods. We can schedule music in a way that changes automatically throughout the day to capture the different ambience of the venue at different times. All controllable from one single location.

  • Soft / light music for your entrance lobby or SPA’s.
  • Energetic music for your Gym’s and bars.
  • Soothing music for your restaurants etc.


Nobody likes silence… so do away the silence of your hotels or resorts with our digitalised background music system and brands…