Stage Lighting System

Being one of the best designer, supplier and installer of Auditorium Stage Lighting Solutions, We do understand that the Multipurpose Hall Stage Lighting is very important to enhance the Lux Level, environment and over all look of the stage.

The Lighting used in our designs is LED Par Cans, Fresenels, PC Spots, Barn Doors, Moving Heads, and Special Effect Lights etc. Size of the stage, application and Understanding the Customers requirement are again our Top priority for designing the Stage Lighting Solutions. We strongly believe that every light placed for Stage Lighting should have a reason and should contribute towards the overall creativity of the design.

What so ever, we prefer using more of an LED based lighting units along with DMX controllers because not only it is economical but also we get lot of flexibility in terms of changing Colours and creating Cinematic customised Scenes and programs.


Brands we associate with for Auditorium Stage Lighting System are