Gym & Spa’s

Our Gym Sound System is designed for uniformed coverage, multi zone music system, exceptional music clarity, versatility, durability and out of the box performance.
We provide a comprehensive range of Powered – non powered speakers, ceiling speakers, Sub woofers, blue tooth enabled mixers for Gyms, SPA’s, Sports Complexes, School Gymnasiums, basket Ball Courts etc. We design and tailor make the Gymnasium Sound System for the reception desk, changing rooms, Cardio/ Weight area, aerobics area, outdoor area, swimming pool areas and cafeteria etc.

While designing an audio system for Gyms & Spa’s we have to make sure that it is…

  • Lively and interactive.
  • Uniformity and Clear Musicality.
  • Should be able to change music for different activities.


Enjoy the exceptional & versatile audio quality from the Brand House