A Quality Auditorium Sound System

Auditoriums are spaces which are used for events that can hold hundreds of people. Due to their huge size, these auditoriums need professional and quality sound reinforcement system. Filling a big auditorium with quality sound is a challenging task that requires an experienced team for the installation, whether it is for a school function, orchestra or live music venue. A good auditorium must have a lot more than just a good sound system. Auditoriums must have multipurpose Hall Stage Lighting & Effect Lights Design. We provide all of this in superior quality and affordable prices. We install professional auditorium sound systems in schools, colleges & Corporates Seminar Halls, meeting rooms, conference halls, Theatres, Cinemas etc. More than that, we also provide services like sound proofing and stage lighting.

We supply and install auditorium sound systems that are easy operate. Our services are top of the line and very cost-effective, simplifying the selection process of a professional audio solution package for your meeting room, theatre, conference room and school auditorium. Our main focus is to provide you a sound system that delivers high-performance and consistent sound, ideal for your school functions, performances and meetings. Our audio systems are designed for superior quality sound, giving your audience the best experience. We provide a variety of auditorium stage curtains that include the Motorised Stage Curtain.

Enjoy exceptional sound quality from basic voice projection to more high-tech systems with highly equipped stages. We provide an extensive line of Auditorium Projection Systems which also includes cyclorama screens. Auditoriums tend to have wide spans and some of them are multiple-stories high in order to accommodate large groups. To provide better visual experience to everyone present in the auditorium, we choose the best projector and engineer the accurate positioning for the projection system.

We also deal in a wide range of auditorium stage lighting and multipurpose hall lights. We provide Stage lighting solutions for recording studios, conference rooms, seminar halls, theatres, etc. all over the country. To improve the overall look of the auditorium, aesthetic and visually pleasing lighting system is a must. The various types of lighting systems that we use are consists of LED Par Cans, Fresenels, PC Spots, Barn Doors, Moving Heads, Special effect lights, etc. Different projects have different requirements and our top priority is to understand our customers’ needs. We start by observing and understanding the needs of our customers, and provide our consultancy & services accordingly.

We also specialize in providing exceptional high-quality motorised stage curtain systems. Our Motorized curtain systems are easy to operate. Computerized controls provide a great level of precision making each performance more appealing, while still maintaining all the safety measures. These systems are not found in school auditoriums, arenas, studios, opera houses, and cruise ships. The installation will be done from our end. All the installation processes are done as per the carefully laid out positional layout & electrical plan. We have fully trained staff with complete on site operation & maintenance training.

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