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Home theatre offers you various advantages. The most important of all is to have a captivating cinema home theatre setup. The entertainment provided to us through home theatre setup is both comfortable and luxurious. It gives us the privilege to watch the movies, series, and sports of your own choice at the time we prefer. It even allows us to choose the people we share the experience with.

In the realm of home entertainment, it is also important that the installation of your cinema home theatre system is done precisely.  In order to do so you can contact various companies that will install the home theatre for you. Headquartered at Chandigarh Professional audio video solutions private limited is the best choice, if you are looking to get your cinema home theatre setup installed. Stationed at Chandigarh PAVSPL takes up cinema home theatre system projects PAN INDIA. We will cater to your needs accordingly and guide you towards the perfect comfort space. Home theatre system has redefined our experience with movies and all the other kinds of entertainment that used to stream in movie theatres.

Types of best home theatre system are:

7.1 Home theatre system

7.1 surround sounds is the common name for an eight-channel surround audio system. It includes 7 speakers and a subwoofer. The 7.1 channels are Left, Right, Center, Left Surround(left rear), Right surround(right rear), Left Atmos, Right Atmos.

5.1 Home theatre system

5.1 systems use the same speaker channels and configuration. It has a Left, Right, Center, Left Surround (left rear), Right surround (right rear).

With the right cinema sound system, we achieve the pinnacle of the auditory experience. It helps us get the original audio with any echo. Home theatre can replicate and sometimes outperform the movie theatre experience.

The Bose home theatre which comes with a 5-year warranty is always committed to deliver its customers with the best products. It elevates our auditory and visual experience. The auditory setup goes beyond this. It involves placing the speakers according to the dimensions of the room.

Movie theatre setup also includes choosing the right display, the sound system and the seating arrangement to get an optimal view of the movie, series, sports or anything you want to watch. 5.1 home theatre system gives you a movie theatre-like experience with its advanced technology and sound quality. Creating a home theatre means creating memories

Home theatre prices vary significantly you can contact professional audio video solutions private limited to get various offers that cater to your need and budget. Get your home theatre system installed at your home and have a lavish experience.

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