The auditorium is a corridor that’s a shape of theater and cinema in which humans take a seat down and get watching experience from the stage like the play, meetings, seminars, festivals, and different sports. Auditorium sound system plays a crucial role for enjoying the programs. Auditoriums sound is made with some speakers, mixer, amplifier and Sound reinforcement system and high-quality sound gadget that may produce nice extent output. The Auditorium sound with auditorium speakers and voice from the level is without difficulty heard via way of means of everybody within side the auditorium. Sending voice with clarity is a complicated and taxing task. Nowadays auditoriums use the ultra-modern Auditorium sound system setup and Networked Audio Visual technology. So as it is makes auditoriums extra magnificent and less difficult to manage.

While designing an Audio System for an Auditorium or Multipurpose Hall we should keep in mind below…

  1. The Acoustical Parameters of Hall
  2. The applications / events to be performed in Auditorium
  3. The type of speaker selection
  4. The Proper composition of power amplifier & processors
  5. The Audio Mixer & microphone etc. should complement the main audio system for Auditorium

We provide extra services with auditorium sound system design that is architectural layout and consult with electrical experts so, that you can enjoy a world-class experience of auditorium sound. An auditorium requires a premium sound quality for live performances. Bose Auditorium sound system delivers crisp tones and clear sound to everybody. We also have same wave premium brands like JBL, QSC, and Honeywell etc. for Auditorium sound system.

The best sound quality of auditorium speaker fills the whole auditorium. Whether, it is lecture, instrumental music or for live performances.

In Chandigarh, Professional Audio Video Solutions Pvt Ltd offers a complete solution for Auditorium and Multipurpose Hall with advance electronic technology that delivers superlative sound to performers and audience.

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