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Auditorium Sound System

Auditorium appeals when the audience finds close interaction with the performance. Each type of performance has a specific type of design of the auditorium. sound system installation The audience appreciates rehearsal in the performance of a theatrical nature, whereas, a corporate presentation must have a professional touch.....

Audio Video Systems

In Professional audio video Solutions, We install the audio video in all india. The company declares that it will be providing advance audio vedio installation with different premises. The services are said to function in coherence with each other, for example, the lighting can be smartly managed, mixed and played with music from the console.


The objective of auditorium composition is to carry fine clearness to real voice for all individuals from the speaker, independent of their seating position. Open speakers, entertainers, performers, and artists all need quality soundproofing in the conference hall, so every word is clear and the music is rendered with the incredible agreement. The people need to encounter predominant acoustics having slightest varying spots in the assembly hall.

Multi-Mic Recording Sound System

When operating in an exceedingly multi-mic situation, one thing with the pliability of the Sound Devices - an audio mixer and recorder that may handle up to 6 audio inputs - is vital to your success. ancient camcorders provide 2 isolated channels of audio input. whereas this could work fine for two mics, the task gets harder once 3 or additional mics are within the combine.